Industrial Valves for refrigeration, food-processing branch, building industry and power industry

Metal plant PILZNO

We are producer of valves and other articles used in industrial refrigeration installations, energy –related and in construction and food industry. We produce security valves and three way valves, shutoff and controllable valves, air valves, manometer and trigger valves, initial filters and ball spigots. Our products are dedicated to ammonia, CFCs, glycol, LPG, mineral and synthetic oils, liquid gas, ethyl, lubes, petroleum, solvents, brake fluids, hydraulic fluids, water, steam and foodstuffs.

Metal plant Pilzno produces for 60 years industrial valves which works in installations all over the world. Our capable crew has high qualifications and our experience gained during years guarantee high quality of our products. Efficient management, strict technological regime, analysis of the newest technological achievements, constant improvement of our products, proven crew and its emotional connection with factory are our advantages proved by ISO 9001:2015 certificates. We have also all necessary national and international attests and certificates.

Our products are dedicated to:

ammonia, freons, glycol, mineral and synthetic oil, kerosene, liquelified petroleum gas, etyl gasoline, diesel fuel, lubricants, solvents, brake and hydraulic fluid, water, water vapour, foodstuffs and others.

Zakład Metalowy PILZNO - budynek
Hala fabryczna - PILZNO
Hala fabryczna - PILZNO
Hala fabryczna - PILZNO
Hala fabryczna - PILZNO

Our products meet requirements of directive

PED 2014/68/UE

CE certificate

We have Quality System Certificate

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001 certyficate

Our products meet requirements of

Customs Union

EAC certificate